About SVT

Seldovia Village Tribe, IRA is a federally recognized Tribe under the provisions of the U.S. Federal Indian Reorganization Act of 1934. Seldovia Village Tribe (SVT) is a federally recognized government that serves everyone – both Native and non-Native – in communities of the Southern Kenai Peninsula, from Seldovia and beyond.


There are currently 677 members of Seldovia Village Tribe. To find out more about eligibility and enrollment click here.


Seldovia Village Tribe is governed by the Seldovia Tribal Council, elected by tribal members 18 and older. Like other tribes, we are a sovereign, self-governing entity that promotes the preservation of tribal culture, tradition and community economic development.

Seldovia Tribal Council

  • Crystal Collier
    Crystal CollierPresident
  • Don Kashevaroff
    Don KashevaroffVice President
  • Trinket Gallien
    Trinket GallienSecretary
  • Lillian Elvsaas
    Lillian ElvsaasCouncil Member
  • Kim Collier
    Kim CollierCouncil Member
  • Helen Quijance
    Helen QuijanceCouncil Member
  • John Crawford
    John CrawfordCouncil Member
  • Suzanne Collier
    Suzanne CollierCouncil Member
  • Katherine Gottlieb
    Katherine GottliebCouncil Member