Community Services

SVT offers a variety of Community Resource Services to support residents in all ages and stages. The Tribe is committed to providing quality care and services that add to our overall quality of life.

Behavioral Health Services

This program offers support services that encompass the entire community, coordinated by our Behavioral Health Aide, ranging from training for prevention of violence and suicide, emotional wellness workshops, lessons on plants as medicine, and low-impact physical fitness targeted to our elders. The Tribe strives to provide opportunities to help benefit our overall emotional and social wellness.

Housing Assistance

Seldovia Village Tribe’s Housing Program provides housing assistance to Alaska Native, American Indian, and Tribal Community members that reside in the SVT Service Area, which includes the 99663 zip code and the entirety of Jakolof Bay Road.

Applications for housing assistance are available at the Tribal Housing office, upstairs in the SVT Admin Building.

For more information call (907) 234-7898 ext 245 or our direct line at (907) 435-3260 or email us at

Community Resource Services

SVT’s Community Health Representative works with Senior Citizens of Seldovia to provide health outreach services. In addition to opening our Fitness Center five days a week, we offer home visits for elders to ensure their wellbeing. We also provide transportation to appointments, the airport and if needed to the store or post office. Additionally, free blood pressure and blood sugar screening can be done during scheduled home visits.

SVT also offers Fee Agent Assistance (by appointment only) for the State of Alaska, assisting with applications for Medicaid, Medicare, Veterans Benefits, food stamps, State and Tribal energy assistance. This also includes making travel arrangements for Medicaid patients.

Veteran’s Support Services

Seldovia Village Tribe collaborates with the Veterans Administration to support our veterans. Through SVT Health & Wellness, we provide local medical services with a billing system that eliminates pre-approval procedures, enabling faster, more efficient service for our veterans. Seldovia Village Tribe also sponsors a variety of community activities for veterans.

Fitness Center

SVT’s Fitness Center is located inside our Alaska Tribal Cache building, adjacent to the Seldovia Conference Center, and enjoys an outstanding view of Seldovia Bay. The gym is equipped with treadmills, elliptical trainers, Pilates machines, weights, and more. Staff are on hand to help with fitness plans and to ensure participant safety.

Mondays through Fridays
8:00 to 10:00 am

$25 per month for ages 65+

$30 per month for ages 18-64

Free for Teens (13-17)