Cultural Stewardship

Seldovia Village Tribe has a unique history and their people are a blend of several native cultures including Aleut, Yupik, Alutiiq and Athabascan peoples.  SVT enjoys acting as a resource to share information to visitors about Alaska Native Culture through private tours, educational presentations, educational visitor guides, programs, classes, and activities. 

Alaska Native Speciality Classes & Workshops

  • Classes teaching traditional arts & crafts such as Fur Sewing, Kuspuk Sewing, Fish Skin Tanning, Beading and more.
  • Classes for adults teaching Alaska Native Skills such as skin tanning, and how to gather and use flora in the area for edible and medicinal purposes.
  • Workshops with specific cultural perspective, using traditional methods of healing as part of the total wellness of an individual.
  • Native American Dance, Music & Theater focused classes including Alaska Native singing, dancing and drumming classes, guest musicians, dance groups and theatre productions.
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Programs for Youth

  • Alaska Native Dance Group – focuses on young children, teaching them songs and dances to share locally and with visitors to our area.
  • Native Youth Olympics – teaching our children traditional games of skill with opportunities to participate at a statewide level.
  • Gathering Together Culture Camps – a Teen Camp for ages 10-18 and a Youth Camp for Ages 2-10, with special guest elders and staff sharing opportunities to learn about the anthropology and archaeology of the area, plus the unique aspects of the Seldovia culture.
  • Rooted & Rising is a student enrichment program that focuses on a cultural approach to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (C-STEM). During our summer camps, students learn about natural history, gain an understanding of the role of math and science in their everyday lives, examine the unique marine environment of Kachemak Bay, and actively work to build their leadership skills in an outdoor setting. Students also gain exposure to careers in STEM fields by working with researchers, naturalists, elders and culture bearers.
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Seldovia Seafood Chowder

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Schedule a Group Visit to the Museum

The Seldovia Museum & Visitor Center is a great location to bring groups to learn more about the native culture and history of this land. Our exhibits and presentations can be tailored to any visiting group.

It’s a must-visit stop in Seldovia!

If you’re bringing a school group, contact us at (907) 435-3266 about arranging a guided tour of Seldovia.

SVT Introductory Guides

Seldovia Village Tribe has produced the following brochures as an introductory guide to visitors. Click on the name to view the brochures.

A PDF brochure describing the people and culture of Seldovia and the Kachemak Bay region.

A PDF brochure that includes area trail maps and the indigenous plants that may be found. If you’re fortunate enough to visit during berry season, be sure to try our area’s wild berries and visit our Visitor Center to take home some wonderful jams and jellies.

A PDF brochure covering the birds, plants, animals, fish and intertidal creatures found on our beaches. As stewards of the land, we ask that you please observe beach etiquette and leave the environment in a better condition than you found it.