Emergency Services

SVT’s Emergency Services include Emergency Preparedness, Barabara Heights Volunteer Fire Department, and Injury Prevention.

DRAFT Hazard Mitigation Plan

Seldovia Village Tribe encourages you to review and respond with comments to the following DRAFT of the Hazard Mitigation Plan.

DRAFT Hazard Mitigation Plan

Emergency Preparedness

Seldovia Village Tribe encourages all residents to be prepared for emergencies in the community. From winter storms to wildfires, and earthquakes to volcanoes, we need to be prepared for what comes our way. The more prepared we are individually, the more resilient we are as a community.

Preparedness Plans
Emergency Notifications

SVT’s rural fire department serves the area of Seldovia Village, that includes from just outside of the City of Seldovia limits, along Jakolof Bay Road, to  Red Mountain, plus lands surrounding Seldovia Bay.

Barabara Heights Fire Department

Seldovia Village Tribe operates the Barabara Heights Volunteer Fire Department in the Seldovia Village area. The Department is a first response fire department comprised of volunteers and stationed at Mile Four of Jakolof Bay Road, in the Barabara Heights Subdivision.

Established in 2004 as a State of Alaska Project Code Red rural fire department, the department is fully equipped and has ten dedicated volunteers who work to provide fire-fighting services. The Department also offers community CPR/First Aid classes and training in the correct use of fire extinguishers.

Everyone over the age of 18, and is able is encouraged to volunteer. Youth 16 and 17 may volunteer with a training sponsor. SVT’s Barabara Heights Volunteer Fire Department is actively recruiting new members. To sign up, please contact our offices at 907-435-3250.

Injury Prevention Program

Seldovia Village Tribe SVT aims to reduce injuries in our community. SVT has ice cleats, reflective tape, personal flotation devices and smoke / CO alarms available for sale, plus works with Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium to provide CPR / First Aid classes which were available for the community, and the State of Alaska to offer a training in wilderness survival skills for kids, boating safety and more. This department also provides Basic Life Support skills checks for our SVT Health & Wellness staff. The intent of this program is to help prevent costly injuries throughout the year.