Seldovia Visitor Center & Museum

The Seldovia Visitor Center & Museum features our native cultures, lifestyles of the community, and history of this land, and has a gift store with Seldovia-featured items available for purchase.

Seldovia Village Family

Explore Seldovia Culture & Heritage

The Seldovia Visitor Center & Museum is a prime destination for visitors to Seldovia. The Museum tells the story of the Aleut, Yupik, Alutiiq, Athabascan, Russian and European-American people who inhabit the Seldovia area. It also promotes greater public awareness of the rich legacy of the indigenous societies of Seldovia Bay.

Both permanent and temporary exhibits give glimpses of the many cultures and influences that have shaped life in this community by the sea. Specimens of local flora and fauna from the area are displayed as well to give visitors a glimpse at Seldovia’s natural abundance.


Open 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm daily between Memorial Day Weekend and mid-September.

Open the rest of the year Monday through Friday upon request during normal SVT business hours.


The Seldovia Visitor Center & Museum is located at 206 Main Street, Seldovia. When coming up the ramp from the harbor, look to your right across Main Street.


Admission is free (donations welcome).

Schedule a Group Visit to the Museum

The Seldovia Visitor Center & Museum is a great location to bring groups to learn more about the native culture and history of this land. Our exhibits and presentations can be tailored to any visiting group.

It’s a must-visit stop in Seldovia!

If you are bringing a group and are interested in a guided tour of the museum and a history of Seldovia Village Tribe, contact us at 907-435-3266.

A Visit to Old Seldovia

Changes in the Seldovia Community – this StoryMap documents Seldovia’s historic journey through good times and tragedy via photos and scenes from each of these periods provided by residents who lived through the experience. Users can take a virtual tour of “Old Seldovia”, exploring the community as it appeared in 1957, 1964 and 1967.

Contact us at (907) 234-7898 or if you have questions or content to add!

Click here to check out our Storymap

In Our Words

In Our Own Words” is an oral history project begun by Seldovia Village Tribe in 2013. Our goal is to preserve the memories and stories of Seldovia, as told by Seldovians. Interviews are recorded and preserved in the archives of the Seldovia Museum, at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and also on Youtube, to ensure that they remain accessible to Seldovians for generations to come.

We are continuing to collect interviews, and are also interested in obtaining digital copies of historical photos to add to the website and our Youtube Channel.

If you are interested in contributing to this project, please contact SVT at 907-234-7898. Check out our interviews here.

Lending Library

Seldovia Village Tribe partners with the Institute of Museum & Library Services to offer a lending library of Alaska Native books rich in the culture and heritage that has made Seldovia the melting pot it is today. To visit our collection, please contact our Museum Curator at 907-435-3245.

Gull Island Camera

The Pratt Museum partners with Seldovia Village Tribe and Seldovia Native Association to run a live feed of life on Gull Island in Kachemak Bay. Gull Island is the property of Seldovia Native Association, who gives permission for the Pratt Museum to have a live web cam placed there. Seldovia Village Tribe Partners by running the live feed in the Seldovia Visitor Center and Museum.

Seldovia Visitor Center & Museum Location

Seldovia Village Tribe continues to develop our Seldovia Visitor Center & Museum into a focal point for community members and visitors alike. The Visitor Center also houses the Alaska Tribal Cache gift shop. Featuring local jams & jellies, clothing, jewelry, Alaska souvenirs, mugs, books and more. Come visit us!