Barabara Heights Fire Department

Seldovia Village Tribe operates the Barabara Heights Volunteer Fire Department (SVT BH VFD) in Seldovia Village. The Department is a volunteer first response fire department stationed at mile four, in the Barabara Heights Subdivision.

Established in 2004 as a State of Alaska Project Code Red rural fire department, the department is fully equipped and has ten dedicated volunteers who work to provide fire-fighting services. The Department also offers community CPR/First Aid classes and training in the correct use of fire extinguishers.

Everyone over the age of 18, and is able is encouraged to volunteer. Youth 16 and 17 may volunteer with a training sponsor.

Injury Prevention Program

Seldovia Village Tribe’s Injury Prevention Program is a collaborative effort with Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium’s Wellness and Prevention Division. This program maintains ice cleats, CO detectors, and many other safety items to residents of Seldovia. The intent of this program is to help prevent costly injuries throughout the year.