Program Support


Seldovia Village Tribe’s Housing Office provides housing assistance and advocacy to tribal and community members. Our Housing office provides:

  • Information on homeownership programs for low-income Alaska Native/American Indian families residing in SVT’s jurisdiction.
  • Assistance with home loan applications.
  • Rental assistance (including first month’s rent and/or security deposit to permit a family or college student to move into an apartment or home).
  • One time emergency assistance for families who are in danger of becoming homeless due to foreclosure, eviction, and loss of main utilities.
  • Safe and decent homes for families living in substandard housing through modernization, rehabilitation, and/or weatherization.

Applications for housing assistance are available at the Tribal Housing office. SVT’s Housing Office is open Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

For more information call (907) 234-7898 ext 235 or email Phillip Hughes.

Veterans Services Support

Seldovia Village Tribe collaborates with the Veteran’s Administration to support our veterans. SVT Health & Wellness provides local medical services with a billing system that eliminates pre-approval procedures, enabling faster, more efficient service for our veterans.

Seldovia Village Tribe also sponsors a variety of community activities and support groups for veterans.

Child Welfare Services

Our Child Welfare Worker is a resource for all families, Alaska Native and non-native, connecting them with our services and those of other agencies across the Kenai Peninsula. We strive to see families thriving through a support network including parenting classes, academic, and cultural enrichment programs through our Ch’anik’na Children’s House and our Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program.

Our Child Welfare Worker is also the advocate for the Tribe in all ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act) cases pertaining to Tribal children in State’s custody. The worker advocates for the best interests of the child, guided by the Tribal Council, and works directly with the Tribal family, Office of Children’s Services, the Alaska State Courts, court appointed guardians, lawyers, foster families, and others. The goal is to strengthen families and give them the tools to be successful.

For more information, contact Shannon Custer, Prevention Program Coordinator and ICWA/Child Welfare Worker, by email or by phone at (907) 435-3252.