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  • SVT Prevention Program’s Culture Camp
  • Seldovia Visitor Center
  • Seldovia Museum
  • Seldovia Conference Center and Seldovia Bay Ferry Dock
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  • Seldovia Conference Center and Seldovia Bay Ferry Dock
  • Seldovia Bay Ferry
  • Alaska Pure Berry Vinaigrettes
  • St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Seldovia
  • Aerial view, Seldovia
  • Seldovia Waterfront



The Seldovia Village Tribe is unique in history and culture.

Our heritage is a blend of Aleut, Yupik, Alutiiq and Athabascan peoples. In the 1850's Russian traders moved Aleuts and Alutiiqs from their homelands to a new fur buying/trading post established at Seldovia Bay, joining the Dena’ina (Athabascan) peoples that already inhabited the area. Following the American purchase of Alaska the official Russians moved away. Additional Native peoples and Northern Europeans came to Seldovia drawn by the rich marine resources. In the following hundred years, these peoples of Seldovia continued to coalesce as one united Tribe - always led by one accepted chief.

The unique strengths of these blended cultures today is demonstrated by the Seldovia Village Tribe, and through its members – many who are leaders in the Alaska Native Village and Regional Corporations and the Alaska Native Health Care services, as well as other areas.

The Seldovia Village Tribe is comprised of:
Tribal Government Operations and Community Programs: Environmental Protection, Drug and Alcohol Prevention, Behavioral Health/Alcohol Counseling, Elder Services, Housing, Community Health, Food Bank, Fire Department, Injury Prevention, and Children Services/Playgroup.

The Seldovia Village Tribe owns and operates:
SVT Health & Wellness: medical, wellness and dental services in Homer, Seldovia, and Anchor Point; The Seldovia Visitor Center & Museum; The Seldovia Conference Center: a waterfront, 2500 square foot event center; The Seldovia Bay Ferry: via M/V Kachemak Voyager, with service to Homer and Seldovia; and The Alaska Tribal Cache Gift Store.

How do you get 12 pallets of e-waste out of three remote communities, and why is it so important?

Seldovia Village Tribe's Environmental Department went above and beyond this year for the annual Electronic Waste event! Click on the video below to find out more:

Seldovia Village Tribe's 2014 Annual Report is now posted! 
Click on the picture below to view it in PDF form.



Video by Alaska.org trip planning website.

Coming Home: A Reunion Gathering in Seldovia, Alaska
In July 2007, the Seldovia Village Tribe and the community of Seldovia hosted a Coming Home Event.


What is the Seldovia Village Tribe’s Node/Spatial Viewer?

The Seldovia Village Tribe’s (SVT) Node/Spatial Viewer provides the public with geospatial and environmental data collected by the Tribe and other organizations. Our Node is a server on the National Environmental Information Exchange Network that serves as the exchange point for all data submissions to the EPA. The SVT Spatial Viewer is a rich Web-based application that makes physical, chemical, biological and habitat data from Kachemak Bay fresh and marine waters available to visitors to the SVT Node/Spatial Viewer website (http://svtnode.com/WqxViewer/). It provides querying mechanisms that display query results in tables as well as graphs and allows users to sort, filter and export data. In addition, the Spatial Viewer includes additional GIS map layers with the following geospatial data: monitoring sites, drift card release and retrieval points, local “catcher’ beaches, hazardous waste sites and subsistence use areas.

Click below for more information.


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